Upcoming Show: “New Impressions”

Greetings, Vallot bidders!  Michael Dym, our auctioneer, has been invited to curate an upcoming exhibition at the Jamestown Arts Center. Jamestown is a small island located off the coast of Rhode Island. The Jamestown Arts Center is a community arts non-profit organization dedicated to providing a space for exhibitions, films, performances, and art and design education.  

The exhibition, titled New Impressions, will showcase a host of exciting Rhode Island based printmaking artists. It will focus on the diverse and unique artistic methods which arise as printmakers gain mastery and flourish in their craft.  The show will feature work by several noted contemporary and emerging artists, including Andrew Raftery, Serena Perrone, Allison Bianco, Nancy Friese, Peter Marcus, and more.

Some of the artists featured are represented by Cade Thompkins Project, Providence, RI. The gallery will also have work available for collectors to view in conjunction with the exhibition at the JAC.

In addition to the exhibition in the physical gallery of the Jamestown Arts Center, there will also be an online exhibition displayed on Jamestown Arts Center’s website.  The online component will feature the same artwork that is on display at the physical gallery, along with many other works by the show’s artists.

The exhibition will run between March 26 and May 1.

Meet some of the featured artists:

Andrew Raftery 

Serena Perrone

Allison Bianco

Nancy Friese

Peter Marcus

Explore Jamestown Arts Center’s website: https://www.jamestownartcenter.org/